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Cycle Durham

Technologies used: WordPress, Joomla!, Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, PHP.

A second-year University module required the production of two similar websites, on differing content management systems. For this the WordPress and Joomla! open source systems were used.

From the two scenarios, I chose to produce a cycle hire and promotion website. All content was bespoke for the website, and included several key features.

Key Features

  • eCommerce cycle hire system (WooCommerce)
  • Informational News articles
  • Cycle route informational pages, including Google Map API integration
  • Social network integration (sharing)
  • Community forums
  • Bespoke privacy policy
  • Fully responsive


Initial sketches were created to form the logo/branding, which was digitally mastered using Adobe Photoshop. The logo consists of three objects, which join together to form the letter C and D. At a glance the user may notice that this looks similar to a bicycle. This helps to establish the branding, as the logo can be considered to promote the topic of the website.


This website is currently unavailable for demo, as it is currently being hosted on Teesside University servers, pending final marking in May 2017. Screenshots of the website have been added below.

Cycle Durham (requires Teesside University credentials)


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