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Week 9 – Development Progress

Development on the system has progressed greatly, much beyond what was expected this week. The application now boasts a fully functioning administrative panel, which allows access to user management and content management. This took several days to accomplish, but the result has made the effort worthwhile.

With the backend completed earlier in the week, the frontend took much focus. The Materialize framework was investigated, and incorporated. The features of this framework are more than suited to an application environment, and provided several features that were identified during the design stage. Video consideration has been given, and temporary videos embedded in the relevant areas.

The frontend is nearing completion, with much of the styling of content completed, and the navigation in place. The content has been inserted in to the database, and updated as needed. The remaining tasks for the design are to incorporate placeholder images/videos (pending the studio footage), finalise the descriptive icons for panels, further design the landing page buttons, and refine the colour scheme.

In the last entry, it was stated that the studio session had to be postponed. This has now been rearranged for the beginning of April, which still gives plenty of time for post-production and incorporation into the application.

On a disappointing note, the system being used for production doesn’t appear to be suited for deploying to a native environment. The deployment of the application was not an identified goal, as the Yii application in a browser would suffice, so this issue will not impact the project. However, other options will be looked at to port the existing Yii application to a native environment. This may result in the initial native versions being of a static nature, but this would be a great starting point for future development and further ensure a commercially viable product.

The next steps for this project are to finish the design of the application, and apply this to the development.

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