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Week 8 – Final Research and System Infrastructure

The research stage is nearing completion, all that remains is to compile the dictionary. This will be a straight forward task, as all the leg work has been completed during the research of previous sections. After this is complete the research stage will go through conclusion, where experts will be consulted to validate the information. This will be signed off as completed, unless there are changes that need to be addressed.

It is important to note that the design stage is essential for the visual aspect of the application, but is not necessary for implementing the application’s architecture and infrastructure. This means that limited preparations need to be made to configure the framework, and it can be installed without consideration of design. The decision has been made to bring forward the development of the system, so that other stages can be prioritised.

Over the course of a few days, the system framework has been installed and configured. A backend application has been developed to facilitate the administrative functions, while a frontend application displays the content. With this in place, the content can be added as needed. The styling of this can be postponed to later stages, to ensure prioritized work is completed first.

Building the system at this stage ensures that the development process, once reached in focus, can move much quicker.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, my actor is unavailable for the studio session next week. As there is some time until the project’s deadline, the studio session will be rearranged. This is instead of the fallback, which would be for the author to perform in the studio session. If there are no studio bookings available, then the location of the videos will need to be reconsidered.

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