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Week 7 – Further Research

The project is still behind schedule, or more to the point when the project should be. The research time scale was underestimated, but the project’s planning and timescale accommodates for this. With that in mind, the project is approximately a week behind schedule. Progress has been made toward the design stage, but the research stage still needs additional consideration.

In terms of the project’s current progress, the design stage should be nearing completion on the 16th March. It is estimated that the research stage will be completed by 15th March, and that the design stage will be completed by the 19th. Meeting these estimations, or near to, will return the project to the original schedule and restore the flexibility for other stages that may run over.

When investigation the accuracy of grading syllabus source material, some issues were encountered. Mistakes and confusing information were discovered, which needed to be resolved before meaningful information could be documented. My own knowledge was used to resolve these conflicts, these resolutions were confirmed by approaching an expert. This ensured that the information that is being produced for the project is accurate and updated, with no mistakes.

The current documentation has four grade syllabus completed, with six remaining. Another 3 working days will ensure that the content is completed. At which time experts can be approached to test and affirm the content, and suggest any alterations. This testing may take up to one week, so other stages will be progressed. The research stage will not be marked as completed until this testing has completed, so the project’s schedule will show as running over more than it already has.

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