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Week 5 – Research Progress

With the need to begin stages earlier, and produce a poster for the module’s criteria, the project is approximately a week behind schedule. Despite this, very good progress has been made on the research stage. While the Taekwon-do research has not yet begun, the project research and market research have been completed.

Despite being behind, this is less stressful than it should be, as the project plan and schedule has flexibility of time-frame built-in. This was added as running over on some stages was an expected risk, particularly the research stage. It was assumed that this run over would be because of going into too much depth with the Taekwon-do research. While this not the case, instead the research plan has been refined to include only what is needed for content. This provides a simpler approach, and gives a need to for strict adhering to the plan. This means that there is less flexibility for going beyond the scope with this research.

Although the project is slightly behind schedule, the documentation for the project is on track. The guidance for the final year project documentation is that it should be at least 6,500 words. At current standing, and before Taekwon-do research, the word count is 18,000. While some would suggest this is above and beyond what is required – especially considering the project’s early stages – it is felt that the right amount of detail has been produced for the documentation. Complete with authentic references, that evidence the content well.

On a more positive note, the booking for the Phoenix Studio has been made, set for mid-March. This will give plenty of time for post-production, compression, and hosting. It’s also a much sooner booking than was expected.

The next tasks for this project, are to begin the Taekwon-do research, and compile this into content. This should be completed within approximately 5 working days, this will bring the research stage to a conclusion by next Friday.

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