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Week 4 – Poster Review

Not much progress has been made over the past week, this is in part due to volunteering commitments outside of my University course. Most progress this week has been toward creating the poster for review, much of which is content-heavy rather than design.

The project plan that was put in place at the start of this project has had to diverge from the assigned time-frame to accommodate the poster. The posters contents and review purpose were assumed that it would be information based upon current progress. This is in part accurate, however, there is a criteria requirement to produce project designs for the poster.

The initial stages of the project are heavily focused on research and planning. The design stage was not to begin until 26th February 2018, which would be when the stage planning would occur and initial design elements like wireframes, style guides, and logos, would be created. Due to the poster/review’s requirement that designs be presented, this stage has begun before the research stage has completed.

While working towards progress on parallel stages is to be expected in this project, beginning the design stage so early has put some strain on completing the research stage; which is the most crucial stage of this project. Alas, considerations for the poster have helped develop the project documentation further, as has my supervisor’s valuable resources on the report.

To accommodate the need for designs at this early stage of production, an initial logo and some wireframe screens have been created. The logo is a simple design, featuring the Taekwon-do fist which represents the application well. This was created in Photoshop, predominantly using the pen tool.

The wireframes have created using Balsamiq, specifically the Google Drive plugin for the software. This allows the creation of wireframes and mockups within the Google Drive environment, accessible from any device and location. Balsamiq was previously used on a group module, the client was Sports Direct, whom stated that they use this software. After trying the software during that project, it is now the only wireframing tool I will ever need.

I do feel that a progress review is too early for the current stage of the project life cycle. As it’s only four weeks into the project, much of the progress made has been toward research, rather than design. Having this review in an additional two weeks time for example, would give ample time for the research stage to be complete, and designs began. Rather than having to take time away from such an important stage to produce a poster.

Holding this review later would also allow time to produce more meaningful designs. It is likely that at this stage, the produced wireframes for this poster will not reflect the end product well.

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