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Week 3 – Market Research

In-depth research has been applied to competitor applications. Several of which have been chosen for analysis and comparison. The findings were interesting, and supports this project’s main concerns of visual content not being prominent in martial art learning applications.

Of the applications chosen for analysis, it was evident that few adopted any visual approach at all. Much of the content was text heavy, and images were a rarity. The UX of each was a key concern, as the applications were not user friendly, and didn’t adopt any meaningful design.

Alongside this research a market survey was produced to ascertain user preference towards visual learning (videos and images), and technology usage. A key feature was a diverging question for those who had studied Taekwon-do, as a key question asked if the user taught Taekwon-do, or if they were an instructor. This was extended by asking if they would potentially use the application in their teaching environment.

The survey process is ongoing, the results have not been gathered and evaluated yet. This is a task for next week. However, the survey will remain open after evaluating, to gather further insight if users wish to contribute.

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