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Week 2 – Preparation and Research

To ensure that progress is made each week, I’ve created a schedule based upon the proposal’s project plan and outlined stages. These stages include research, design, development, testing. These have been documented in the prepared documentation outline, which includes additional academic sections. Within each section several topics and tasks have been established, which will help the flow of the project, and help to keep track of project milestones.

To manage my work time effectively, the stage deadlines have been created with a flexible approach in mind. This allows myself downtime, weekends to spend with my family, and extra days if a stage/task runs over. If a stage/task runs under, it gives me free time, which will be used to begin the next task early and reduce the estimate project finish date.

With the project proposal handed in on Monday (29th Jan 2018), it has given me the week to plan and prepare the project’s beginnings. As stated previously, the documentation has been created and sections prepared for the project’s documenting. The beginning of this week sees the start of the research stage, which will run through until 21st Feb 2018.

The first week of the research stage further establishes the project outline in more detail, and sees the creation of a user survey. The user survey will be available both for those in a martial art environment, and those not, so to keep the overall survey generalised and gather more information. This survey will be used to extend the usefulness of the project.

The survey is being created early in the project, this allows for the survey to be advertised and gives plenty of time for it to be completed by a good number of participants. While the survey circulates, other tasks in the research stage can be completed, such as research into the market (competitor research), product technologies (web, video, ux/ui, future-proofing), and ethical/legal considerations.

This weekend will see the creation of the survey, which should produce some results by the week’s end.

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