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Week 14 – Project Finish

With the artefacts completed in the previous week, all that remained was the testing element of the project, and finalising the documentation for submission.

A user survey was created to ascertain non-functional testing and accuracy of the application. This has been evaluated and the results displayed in the documentation. Alongside this, functional testing has been carried out, to identify any errors or issues in the application.

The research, design, and development stages have been completed in full. With less than a week to deadline, the only remaining aspects of the documentation, and the entire project, are some sections of the evaluation stage. This will be completed today and tomorrow, so that the project is finalised on Saturday ready for submission on Wednesday.

The final steps for documentation will be performed once the documentation sections are complete. This will include reorganising some sections. The documentation is currently at 40,000 words, and some content should be moved to the appendix to assist in the marking. After which it will be sent to selected individuals to be proof read.

The project artefact deadline is Tuesday, with artefacts to be submitted to the tower via CD. While the report is to be submitted via Blackboard on Wednesday.

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