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Week 12 – App Packaging

Last week saw the development of the visual element of the project, in the form of pattern videos. This week this footage has been edited together, and still images generated from each technique. The video editing is now nearing completion, with only slight modifications to be made.

Upon reviewing the footage, some techniques were identified as needing more visual information. While not important for this project at the moment, they will be added in for future development. Despite this, the footage itself is still exemplary, and will benefit the application greatly.

Alongside post production, the application has reached a new level of completeness. The design is complete and has been applied to the app, however this still needs to be documented in full, which will take priority from next week. To resolve previous concerns about packaging, the app has been converted to support packaging to PhoneGap.

Using Phonegap the app now exists in three variances: the first is the backend administrator application using Yii2, the second is the frontend app using Yii2, then the third is the final packaged application for PhoneGap.

Using PhoneGap allows the app to be packaged to Android, iOS, and Windows App stores, this however requires a license for each platform. The iOS platform license is incredibly expensive, so will not be a viable platform. The Windows store also requires a paid license, and is much less popular than other platforms. The Android platform required a £30 license, and as this is the most popular platform, the application will be published on this when complete.

The only remaining step before the application is complete, is to add the finished video and stills to each section. After which the entire application will be packaged to PhoneGap and installed for testing. Next week the designs will be documented, as will the testing stage.

While the application is more than on track for completion, the documentation is slightly behind. This however, should not take long to bring up to date. With two weeks remaining until deadline, this is plenty of time. The application will be completed over the weekend and the first part of the week will be dedicated to testing, which will run its course and be documented the following weekend. It is estimated that the entire project, including documentation, will be completed up to a week before the submission deadline.

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