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Week 11 – Studio Shoot

While some of this week has again been dedicated to another module, there has been some major progress with the visual element of this project. The visual aspect of this project was prioritised this week, having booked the studio session for Wednesday.

The studio manager, Mark, was a great help during the session. He setup the facilities and environment to the project’s requirements, setup the equipment, and managed the operation of equipment. His advice and feedback during the session was excellent, which definitely helped to produce a great product from the session.

The actor for the session, Perrie (1st Dan), performed excellently, and supported the entire process thoroughly. He cannot be thanked enough for dedicating some of his time to this project, it is immensely appreciated.

In all, there was around 45 minutes of compiled footage, shot in high definition film quality. The quality will vastly benefit the post-production of the footage, with little touching up needed. The actor Performed the required techniques with few retakes, this will assist the post-production stage, as there is not much footage to filter out.

This project is on temporary break until Tuesday. This is due to equipment upgrades on the main computer used for the project. While in most projects the break would not be necessary, the upgrade of equipment will vastly improve the video rendering capabilities of the machine, which will save much time. When considering video editing, the largest portion of time (depending on project scale and needs) is commonly in the rendering and compression of footage.

The continuation of this project will see the footage edited and compressed to a usable format by the end of the next week. This will be uploaded to YouTube in preparation for embedding into the application. In addition, stills will be extracted from the footage, the footage was shot in 50 frames per second to support this.

After the videos and images are added to the application, other than design tweaks, this will mark the completion of the application. The remaining tasks will be toward testing, documentation, and application publishing.

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