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Week 10 – Priority Change

Due to progress being sufficient at this stage of the project, a secondary module was prioritised for this week. This secondary module involves researching accessibility, and prototyping towards accessible access. While not directly related to this project, the learning in this secondary module will help towards refining the final designs for the Taekwon-do application.

This week much thought has been given to packaging the application. As stated previously, the system currently in place will suffice for the project and documentation. However, it is felt that in order for this project to be a success, it must be readily available for download.

Andrew Bingham, a senior lecturer with Yii experience, was consulted regarding the packaging. He stated that in order to package Yii to a hybrid system such as PhoneGap, the frontend app must be decoupled from the backend and Yii framework. This would effectively render the Yii framework useless. However, another approach has been considered that would still be useful and make use of the Yii System.

The application has been created in a way that will make it scale-able for future development, as continual development will likely be prominent after this academic project completes. With the application having few pages and features in its initial form, the app could easily be converted to static pages for deployment on PhoneGap. This would mean that a fully functioning Yii app would exist for the web-based version of the application, and a separate static variant would exist for app stores.

This approach would keep the Yii application progressive, meaning that content could be updated quickly as and when needed. The app store version of the app would need to be updated manually, but in the initial version of this it would be quick and easy to update. With further development it is likely that an alternate framework or system should be used to accommodate packaging to application stores.

The research stage is still pending being signed off, as it still needs to be proof-read by experts. However, some experts have been consulted regarding some of the content where exact information could not be found. For example, Master Matthews from Cardiff was consulted on the 3rd Kup syllabus, as contradicting information was present for a certain movement. Where the colour belt book had differing information than what was contained in the encyclopedia (which was scarce on information for this movement). Master Matthews clarified this and the content was updated accordingly.

Similarly, Mr Black was consulted regarding the syllabus for the first three grades. As the colour belt book had mistakes on this. This has been discussed in full with Mr Black, and amended as confirmed with him.

Work will recommence on Wednesday 4th April, which is the date of the studio booking. A rough outline of what is needed has been thought of, and will be used on the day. However, as the actor performing is an expert, he will need little in the way of direction. All patterns will be covered in this video shoot. However, still images may need to be extracted from the video, as there will likely not be enough time for many photos to be taken.

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