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Week 1 – Initiating the Project

Finding an idea for my final year project wasn’t a hard choice, it seemed obvious to me what I wanted to do. A Taekwon-do toolkit to help students with their learning. This idea has been on my mind for several years, and began during my first year of University study.

In my first year at University, a lecturer suggested that we begin thinking of a rough idea for our final year project. At the time I was part way through my Taekwon-do journey, and had discovered that there were limited resources available for accurate learning. That has been the basis of my project since it’s initial idea in 2015.

The idea developed over the years, and soon became one of those ideas that I needed to implement, but just didn’t have the time to do so. Incorporating this into a final year project is just the thing that is needed to change this spark into a full project.

The first week of this project involves creating a detailed project proposal. It’s difficult to fit 3 years of planning into a simple project proposal, as I’m excited to get stuck in on planning and preparation.

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